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ISFS Internship Program

Opportunities that further Academic and Career Prospects

Since 1991, ISFS has awarded nearly twenty internships to individuals. The Internships offered them meaningful work and the chance to gain experience in a field related to the financial and economic aspects of everyday social life. Assignments have ranged from survey research to legal work, writing and publication, outreach and marketing, graphic arts and web design. In-residence periods of service have varied from 2-3 months to 18 months. All Interns were successfully accepted into advanced degree programs and/or entered career-oriented employment before leaving ISFS.

Internship for Students, Graduates, and Career Changers

ISFS Student Interns have been accepted into programs at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, University of Toronto, and other university graduate programs. ISFS Interns have successfully obtained employment with trade associations, research institutes, the World Bank, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and major US and multinational corporations.

Interns staffed the research efforts behind all ISFS studies and publications, and were compensated from project funding and from the generosity of Noel A. Schweig, M.D., who supported the Intern Program since its inception.